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Derry Vilcans-Moody


Franklin Method Franklin Ball Certified  

A teenage dream that morphed into lifetime of passion.

I learned to ride at a small riding school in west London, having watched my two younger sisters, taking lessons and standing on the sidelines ( often cold and wet)  I decided to embark on the journey. Little did  my poor parents know that they had now set up 3 children into a life of horses.


For a number of years I pursued the equine world as a passion and hobby, progressing to compete at county level showing. I was often the go to on any yard for support and advise with riders wanting to progress and develop their skills  I spent a large number of years working though various teaching qualifications, including an advanced teacher training. It was at this stage I embarked on formalising my equine skills by completing the British Horse Society exams, I'm a British Horse Society Accredited Professional Coach (BHSAPC). The coaching modules were where I excelled, with by now several years experience in teaching, coaching along with mentoring and supporting of trainee teachers.

My coaching career has been varied including Riding School, Pony Club, Riding Club, a Trekking Guide along with working with pleasure and leisure riders to improve their equine- person relationships. I  have over 2 decades of experience of starting and bringing on horses and I have a clear logical and sequential process to this.

I firmly believe in breaking down the ‘jargon’ and ambiguous language used when teaching riding, working with each rider to develop their own  individual ‘tool kit’ after all 'talent is teachable, and skills can be learnt' 

I regularly attend training with Mary Wanless founder of the rider biomechanics movement  focusing on the Ride with Your Mind principals and I am not a Ride With Your Mind Coach in Training along with additional regular training with a BD Accredited trainer. Ensuring tant my own development is ongoing and progressive.

I am a Franklin Method Franklin Ball Certified Coach find out more on this by clicking here

I am a qualified coach in complete horsemanship, my specialist areas of coaching  focus include;


  • Confidence building

  • Work with  nervous riders

  • Flat work/ Dressage

  • Pole work

  • Rider Alignment & Body Balance (also known as biomechanics)

  • Groundwork

  • BHS Exam Training

  • Working with young horses

Alfie Shadow Sunny day 2 .HEIC