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Franklin Method

  Franklin Ball Coaching  


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Maximise your learning  by adding Franklin Method | Franklin Balls to your coaching session.  They are great to help work  through asymmetries and fine tune body awareness known as proprioception.   Providing  you with more enhanced feedback.

Franklin Balls can be added in to your current coaching sessions at no extra cost or I am able provide specific sessions focusing on elements and using the balls to assist and enhance the learning experience.   Franklin Balls can be used mounted or unmounted.  

Normally 45mins. 1-1

Clinics available or group sessions. Contact me for more information 

How will Franklin Balls help?

Have you ever had a lesson with a coach where they repeatedly tell you, you are doing something that needs changing, for example collapsing on one side, or one shoulder higher than the other, and no matter what you do you can't feel it is not quite right, furthermore you can't influence or change this one thing they keep highlighting?

Franklin Balls used carefully for correct amount of time (a few minutes), combined with my coaching, can help heighten and make clear the physical feedback so it is more relatable and more direct.  Franklin Balls can assist with; improving rider symmetry in the pelvis, seat, arms, legs, assist with upper and lower body positional balancing, improved consistency of hand and arm position to name a few things, this is all without factoring in the un-mounted benefits and uses of the equipment. 

As a rider you need to be happy and open to feel change; be open to development, and feeling different. Sometimes it is best to introduce the use of Franklin Balls off horse prior to riding with them. They will provide direct feelings to assist in the improvement


What are Franklin balls?

They are balls  and rollers that are filled with air or water, and are used under supervision and guidance of a coach to increase body awareness and awareness of movement. The amount of water or air can and should be varied to suite each individual rider.  Sponges or foam filled  pads, rollers and balls are also used. 

Check out my blog on Franklin Balls by clicking  here for more information 

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