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Jade & Connor

A story still in the writing, building the perfect lifetime partnership. 

Connor Blagdon Irish Cob,  born 2013 owned by Jade since 2018. 

As an equine coach, I have been working with Jade and Connor since  2018. Prior to Connor and Jade finding each other he was imported from Ireland & then spent a short period of time working in a riding school (that was a lot of action for a 5 year old!)  Connor is aptly described as a' dude' he tries his heart out. Jade rode as a child and then had a break of 7 years before sharing a horse prior to finding Connor.  Jade & Connor have an amazing bond and  are  very much embracing their life  journey including ground work, local showing,  unaffiliated dressage, pleasure rides, local clinics and generally enjoying time with each other.  Jade has carefully and tenaciously worked hard on her riding, really bringing together her unique 'pieces' to create her personal riding 'tool kit'. I feel honored to be part of their journey and helping develop this story. 

Jade and Connor, Client and Horse
Equine Coaching
Rising Instructor
Horse and Rider
Horse and Owner

Kayleigh & Charlie

From unhandled to ridden horse, the journey so far. 

Charlie ISH type, born May 2015, owned since Sept 2019. 


I have been an equine coach and riding instructor for Kayleigh her entire life (well almost), this includes supporting with training towards some BHS exams. Kayleighs' first horse Shadow an Arab X is now semi retired, after taking Kayleigh from a child rider through to adult. Charlie is Kayleigh's 'baby' horse, he was bought straight from the field as a rising 5 year old and although his physical age was 5, he had never been handled and had a lot of 'growing up' to do. After 2 hours to load on collection, having never been in a stable or even brushed. Charlie soon gathered a reputation for being 'lively' and was definitely a horse that had more 'go' than 'stop', his default was to show his own style of 'airs above the ground' while being led too and from the field. Kayleigh & I set a plan of action, combining, clear and progressive groundwork training, starting intaily with just leading and settling while stood on the yard, being groomed, picking up feet, having rugs put on along with allowing  lots of time for Charlie to be a horse in a field in a herd with good balance. Over time work has progressed with adding tack, saddle, bridle,  whip habituation, leading out on in hand hacks and then  developing on to lunging,  teaching Start, Stop, Park, Sideways all from the ground and the backing process of accepting a rider on board at the end of 2020.  This has all be intermixed with lots of rest periods and allowing Charlie to physically and mentally mature along the way, after all Kayleigh is in no rush, he is her horse for life. This carefully planned training meant that when the time came for Charlie to be ridden, he was happy with all the questions being asked and he is taking it all in his stride. 2021 sees the foundations of Charlie's ridden career and I am excited and privileged to be on the side lines supporting and helping this fabulous combination.


Follow their journey on instagram @Kayleighm.eq

Equine Event
Equine Coaching Derry Teaching KM Charlie just off lunge
equine coaching session
horse and owner
horse riding

Heather & Bella

From birth to present day.

Bella , Bay New Forest Arab x, born  July 2012  Bella was home bread and Heather also has Chloe Bellas mum. 

I have been privileged to be working with Heather &  Bella, since Bella was a foal;  I was lucky enough to meet her when she was just hours old. I have worked alongside Heather in all aspects of Bellas education from halter walking, helping with everything the fundamentals of being a sensible horse to be around, right through to her ridden career on the flat both in the school and on hack,  pole work and showjumping. Heather has previously enjoyed being an endurance rider with EGB. It was great to see the progress of Heather and Bella finally making their debut on their first sponsored ride. Bella is the epitome of a mare, she is full of character and coordinating training along with working with Bella's'  quirky outlook has always kept us all on our toes. I have worked with Heather to develop a unique and bespoke set of tools, that are appropriate for her partnership with Bella. Bella is a horse that is definitely on super high alert at all times and runs with a high flight instinct. The story of this partnership is still very much in the writing and I'm so happy to be part of their ongoing journey.  

Horse Bella as a foal with mum
1st time on Bella horse
1st time alone on bella horse riding
pony Pole Work lesson with Bella
1st Sponsored ride with Bella

Debbie & Aria

A lifetime of experience- a lifetime of learning,  from green to great.  

Aria, Bay Hanoverian Warmblood X, Born may 2009 Adopted by Debbie September 2013.

I first met Debbie & Aria in 2015 while judging at a local unaffiliated dressage competition and show. Following this  Debbie contacted me to ask about coaching; Debbie herself is a highly experienced horse person with a lifetime of experience, having worked professionally with horses and even coached herself in the past. Debbie's passion had always been show jumping! Debbie adopted Aria, un handled and un backed and after a challenging pick up, they spent a lot of time building a solid foundation to build on, with no stress and no pressure. At the time we met, Debbie  & Aria had good fundamentals for their ridden work enjoying hacking, schooling and popping some jumps at home. Debbie had previously suffered a series of injuries, to her back and hips (not directly horse related) and wanted some assistance to put her extensive knowledge into practice and be 'eyes on the ground' to assist with keeping her alignment (biomechanics) in check as well as assisting in developing Arias way of going. We have worked to form a series of 'pieces' to consider and build a toolkit to assist with this. Learning never stops! Aria has her own thoughts suggestions and outlook; and at over 17hh there is a lot of her to express her views. Keeping the communication between horse and rider as a conversation, instead of a list of demands is the key to this partnership. Debbie describes Aria as 'indulged' I feel they are living their best life together learning and developing. This  is a partnership for life and I feel honored to be part of the journey. 

Aria horse and owner .JPG
Debbie - Aria Dressage horse riding  .JPG
Horse Aria and Debbie at gate .JPG
Aria in Tack .JPG
DM and Aria Showing .JPG
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