Equine Coaching

1-1 Coaching

Tailor made sessions generally 45 minutes in duration, however these can be varied in duration from 20 minutes to 60 minutes, or even a full day, always with bespoked content specifically for your horse and you. 

They can be on any subject or even a blended session.  Include Franklin Balls in your session for no additional cost. More information here. 

From £30 for 45mins.

Group Coaching

Group coaching, these sessions are usually 60 minutes in duration.  Derry generally works with groups of 3 however sessions can be arranged for larger groups by prior agreement.  (Riders must be of a similar ability) 

From £15 per person - group size dependant for 60mins.


Group sessions - Focused on a theme generally run with small groups but can be run as  1-1's


Ground Work

Working with your horse or you and your horse together, this could include lunging, 'ridden' from ground and long reining.


Simulator lesson

Focus on you: Without having to worry about your horse, refine your position, check symmetry and balance (biomechanics) and improve / develop your proprioception. These sessions are brilliant to access and develop you as a rider. Derry has access to hire a simulator and these sessions can be arranged evenings or during the day or prior agreement.