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Our Feature in @countryandstable

We featured in FEATURE FRIDAY on the 5th March 2021

"We are well on the road to learning about our followers and customers. Thank you to those who have applied, we will DM you if selected, if you haven't applied feel free to DM us your story for consideration. Introducing this months featured profile; @derryv_m.equestrian

Hi! I’m Derry, an equestrian coach based in south Buckinghamshire. ⠀

To give you a little background to myself and my four-legged mate Alfie, I first got into riding at the age of 15 after watching my 2 younger sisters having lessons, I thought if you can’t beat them join them; I was hooked and got the bug!⠀

Alfie my horse is 18 and has been with me his entire life, we have had the best of times together so far, and enjoyed mainly dressage work, although Alfie turns his hoof to pretty much everything including some show jumping, cross country and of course, pleasure rides. I’ll admit I’m “on a journey”, I have been back in the saddle for just 2 years after having a nearly 5-year break from riding due to a non-horse related back injury. I was convinced I’d never ride again at one stage. Alfie was placed under the care of one of my sisters at the time.⠀

It’s been great to be back riding although covid has put some delays in our plans, for me, coaching has had to pretty much stop for a large part of the last year, our journey has been altered for sure. We should have been attending several training sessions with Mary Wanless on the Ride with Your Mind, principals and getting back out exploring the world again. Despite this being delayed I have used the time to focus on the basics and improve my on and off horse fitness. Alongside making the most of a lot of digital based knowledge skill development. ⠀

Alfie is truly my best friend, he tries his absolute best, always, even if on occasion his energy needs to be refocused. I have kept a diary of our progress over the last 18 months featuring the highs and lows and the path of rediscovery I am on as a rider now. For 2021 we truly hope to get back to our planned training, and carrying on our adventures"

I would just like to thank Country Stable for this lovely feature.

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