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Spotlight on a Rider..

I wanted to introduce you a little more to some my riders, I'll be featuring some of my clients and their horses from their perspective over the coming months.

Hello I'm Kayleigh , my horses are Shadow & Charlie!

Tell us about your horses;

Shadow is my Arab x Welsh D (Grey in pic) Childhood pony. That has over the years taught great life lessons. At rising 22 she is living her best life semi-retired and being the mother of the heard, we have quite literally grown up together. I feel extremely lucky to still adventure with her after 21 years of smiles, tears and fun.

Charlie is my youngster, (Bay in pic) he came to me in October 2019 fresh from the field as an unhandled 4yo. Hes now rising 6 & freshly backed and being ridden away lightly, it's been an 'interesting' but timely journey, one I've thoroughly enjoyed! He is my last forever horse, so time is our key to success I'm in no rush focusing on correct training and allowing him to mature mentally and physically.

When did you start riding ?

I was introduced to the equestrian world one year as a 4yo on a family holiday pony ride pottering around the new forest I remember this day vividly and the rest is pretty much history! Over the years I have competed in local & county level showing, sponsored rides, cross country and finally dressage in more recent years .

Are you working on any goals ?

My goal for 2021 is to have as much fun as possible with my horses. Shadow, I just want to enjoy the adventure and if restrictions allow I'd love to get out to do some showing - this is what we've always done and enjoyed together. Charlie and I have long term goals set in place we have small steppingstones to get us there and each one of those is an achievement, but we aim to compete in some online dressage to set a foundation for what I hope to be his future career. Derry recently did a goal setting session with me, online during lock down, which was really helpful to plan things and set out the stepping stones.

What have you focused on while working with Derry ?

Working with Derry has helped me with confidence & self-belief especially whilst working with Charlie. It has been a few years since I had started a horse from scratch, so it was daunting, but Derry was and is very motivational and supportive with a 'can do' approach, so this made the process easier. Something Derry has said to me a few times whilst coaching 'if the plans doesn't work, change the plan not the goal' his skills & flexible training methods help me to overcome any hurdles leaving you feeling successful every time!

Any top tips or recommended products?

'I am a brand ambassador for Atria Active Wear ( I just love there riding tights ! They great quality and in all different prints and patterns.

One of my absolute favorite products, is Omega Equine. ( I have found their supplements to be invaluable with maintain Shadow in her old age and keeping her in good health, with expert advice from them they are products that really do perform'

'My top tip, enjoy the journey, keep positive. As I said above, change the plan never the goal!'

You can follow Kayleigh's journey on instagram @Kayleighm.eq

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